"Sonic Divide managed to fit six members on the stage and rolled straight into their easy listening rock. Effortless vocals soared above catchy choruses, which stepped aside when the guitar solos took centre stage. They were just the introduction to the night that the crowd needed."


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"In the world ruled by the huge record companies and uneasy compromises, there’s nothing more authentic than an independently released album that is not only a pleasurable to listen to, but also, a genuine insight into the band."

“Sonic Divide’s self-titled album is a bit of a revelation. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, its classy production and strong vocals (reminiscent of Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger) tick a lot of Classic Rock and AOR boxes.”

“Take a listen to these guys please, they’re a fantastic band and have my award for best debut album of 2013!!..... Music like this needs exposing to the UK audience.”

“This is a great album and I recommend it to any 90s rock anthem lover, and even a pure rocker at heart would enjoy this....4/5 stars”

“Sonic Divide proves every bit successful with the variety of its material (slower and faster songs in addition to those heavier and ballad based lend to that immaculately flowing track listing in question) in presenting with the total package therein. Throw in choice musicianship and top notch vocals and Sonic Divide adds up to one of the better new groups to have hit the scene in 2013.”

"The debut video for the track ‘I Wonder’ is from the bands’ self-titled album that has received an overwhelming response from the UK, US and Europe and prompted contact with the band from a prominent grammy award winning producer out of Memphis, USA."

“Sonic Divide conquers the global music gap”

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