Evan Johnson - Drums, Vocals

Evan has always been around music in some form. His dad is a music teacher, and when Evan was born was playing in a professional orchestra in Melbourne. The piano lessons started around age 6 or 7, with moderate success. Everything changed dramatically when Evan began high school at Marryatville High, and decided to start learning percussion, initially from his dad. The piano lessons continued for a while, mainly to satisfy school requirements, but with little passion. Percussion is where it’s at!

Evan went on to complete a Bachelor of Music at Adelaide Uni, and has played in more ensembles and various band set ups than he can remember. Highlights include tours to the UK to play at Youth Music festivals with the SA Schools Percussion Ensemble and some successful Adelaide Fringe shows in the late 90’s. Life has its twists, and Evan stopped playing for about 10 years in any significant way, but the desire to play never faded. The invitation to audition for Sonic Divide came at a perfect time, and he got the gig when the other drummer didn’t turn up. Since then, he has rediscovered most of his mojo on the kit, and is loving the chance to play with mates again, creating some great music.


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