HORIZON – I. Slade, W. Holden


“Lead me on to greater things,” that is what they’d say to me
Carry me forward as far as I can plainly see
Keeps on driving me closer to the line

I should have realised that looking out so far
Would get in the way of taking hold of where you are
One step at a time – one step at a time

Over the mountain is where I see the road
Over the horizon, that is what I need to know
All in good time got to find my destiny
Where I’m finally free

Like all the times before when I thought it was all so hard
I’d see in your eyes all the way into your heart
You’re leading me on catch me when I’m falling

Over the mountain is where I’m gonna go
Over the horizon, there is all I need to know
All in good time to be where I wanna be
Where I’m finally free

Seems like it never mattered
On the journey home before
All that meant the world to me
Washing up on the shore

Over the mountain
Finally free

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