TOO MUCH – W. Holden, A. Young


Seems just like
Such a long time ago
Everything was right
So much I didn’t know
Longing for
The ride of my life
See beneath the clouds
Oh how it cuts me like a knife

Goin’ through this everyday
Can there be another way
Only time that I can see
Is when it’s all too much for me

Days ago
Things weren’t quite the same
You don’t know
Nobody else to blame
Then it came to me
Shining like the morning sun
Out in the open
There’s nowhere else for me to run

I need to find a resting place
Rest inside a warm embrace
Now as far as I can see
Is this my destiny?

Lonely days
Passing by my way
Hitting the ground
So much that I wanna say
Heading for
What has been my living hell
I wanna know
Who’s got me under their spell

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